Engineering Survey

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This branch of the MK soil provides services like topographical survey, survey for pipeline and cadastral survey. We possess ultra-modern survey equipment like total stations, Differential Global Positions of station and auto levels. These equipment’s are being operated by well-trained team of surveyors, who have completed numbers of survey project of Govt., Semi Govt. and big Private organizations. Scope of this type of works includes all field works and reporting of drawing as per requirement and type of survey conducted.

  •  Topographic survey (Contour and traverse)
  •  DGPS/GPS base survey
  •  Cadastral survey
  •  Urban planning and land development survey
  •  Hydrographic survey
  •  Pipeline route, canal and highway corridor survey
  •  Survey of Road and Railway for alignment
  •  GIS mapping
  •  Underground utility survey using Ground Penetrating Radar

Software for survey

  • A0 Plotter
  • Autoplotter