Geophysical Investigation

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M.K. Soil is having facility for geophysical testing for subsurface investigation

  •  Electrical Resistivity Test (ERT)
    • Measurement of earth resistivity for earthling, groundwater survey, corrosively survey.
  •  Seismic refraction test
    • Used to determine the compressional wave velocities of materials from the ground surface within the earth.
  •  Cross hole and down hole seismic tests
    • For evaluation of depth wise in-situ compression and shear wave velocities of subsurface strata. The data are used to determine various stiffness and dynamic parameters of soils and rocks.
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys
    • Ground penetrating radar surveys can be used for a variety of very shallow geotechnical investigations, including the locations of pipes or other buried manmade objects such as timbers, very high resolution mapping of near surface geology, and detecting cavities, piping and leakage in dams.