Geo- Hydrological Study

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This services focuses on the study of the character, availability and quality of groundwater, and the geological controls on its occurrence and movements. M. K. Soil Testing Laboratory is involved in the identification, evaluation and development of new and existing groundwater sources, as well as in defining long term monitoring and management actions required to ensure the sustainable use and protection of resources.We quantify all these aspects using our groundwater models and based on geo-hydrological analyses. Feasible and sustainable solutions are proposed as possible options:

Geo-hydrological services include:


  • Groundwater feasibility studies
  • Geo-hydrological Assessments
  • Exploration for groundwater sources, incorporating the evaluation of aquifer potential
  • Siting of boreholes by means of structural geological and geophysical surveys for water supply or monitoring purposes
  • Aquifer testing to determine hydraulic parameters and long-term abstraction
  • Aquifer classification and vulnerability assessments
  • Groundwater quality determination and monitoring
  • Numerical Groundwater modelling
  • Evaluate of the existing groundwater quality.
  • Determine the ground water level.
  • Perform a risk assessment of the aquifer contamination potential.
  • Evaluation and assessment of alternatives.
  • Evaluation and assessment of potential impacts.