Non-destructive Testing

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Our testing field is not restricted to Laboratory only but our services are developed in insitu testing of concrete. This removes the difficulty of construction people when in doubt for concrete and R.C.C. structures. Our expertise is on evaluation of old and new construction by way of non destructive testing.

We have in our testing equipment treasure imported Proseg Rebound Hammer giving high repeatability. Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity Test or Digital auto record type-( Pundit), profometer for location of rebar etc. This is also supplemented by handy hilty core cutting machine which can extract core from different locations and position of R.C.C elements to evaluate strength of concrete in in-situ position.

The equipment only can not access the quality of concrete. It requires proper methodology and knows how. We are also equipped with the required man power in terms of technician and result interpreting engineers. We take job of evaluating existing structure like bridge, jetty, building and other R.C.C. structures with quality checking of in situ concrete.

In addition to that we also do Half Cell Potentiometer, Structure Stability Works &  its Validation and Certifying Quality of works & Contractors